Easy Fitness Activities For Kids

There are tons of great fitness activities for kids to keep your children healthy and having fun. No matter what ages your children are, you are sure to find some great ideas to keep them active. It’s good to start collecting activity ideas so that you can make fitness time a part of their daily lives.

Exercise for kids should be fun, not just a chore that they have to do. They should want to exercise, but that will only happen if you handle it with the right approach. It’s best not to have a “daily exercise time” because your kids may get tired of that quickly.

Instead, pick random times and let your kids know you have a fun activity planned. If they know you are going to participate, they will most likely be more excited to play. Parental involvement is really one of the main keys to success or failure.

Four different fitness activities for kids are listed below to get you started. Appropriate ages are listed with the activities.

Actions (2-4 years old) This game can be done indoors or outdoors. All you need is a little bit of creativity. You just give your child some instructions for actions and they should follow through with the actions.

You can tell your child to clap their hands three times, bounce around the yard like a bunny, run in two big circles, etc. While they are exercising they will also be learning to follow instructions.

Balloon Bouncing – ages 5-7 Blow up a couple balloons and then tell your child that they must hit the balloons into the air without letting them touch the floor. You can help your child with this one and they will love it.

There are ways to make the game a little challenging if your child gets bored. Tell them they must keep both balloons in the air without your help. Or tell them to lie on the ground and keep them in the air that way.

Beanbag Throw (for kids seven to ten) Obtain a box and some beanbags for this activity (it’s easy to make your own beanbags with dry beans and kids’ socks). Your child should stand six feet from the box and toss the beanbags into the box.

You can also put a piece of tape on the ground a few feet in front of the child. Then tell them to throw the beanbag as close to the tape as possible. Instead of retrieving the beanbags for them, let them run back and forth to start the game again.

Frisbee Golf (for kids ten to twelve) Even adults love playing Frisbee Golf, which is why many parks have their own Frisbee Golf course. Your child will get exercise throwing the Frisbee and walking to the baskets.

If you can’t find a park with these baskets, just play in your backyard. Just use buckets or laundry baskets to throw the Frisbees in. Younger kids may just be fine with throwing the Frisbee back and forth.

These are just four ideas to get you started. It’s good to make time for your family and participate in some fun fitness activities for kids. There are many benefits for kids and exercise so make it a priority today.

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