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I am known amongst my friends and clients as the “go-to” person to talk to whenever marriage or dating issues become confusing. My non-judgmental approach makes other people feel instantly comfortable even when discussing the most intimate of details. Clients and callers tell me that I am extremely down-to-earth and compassionate. Perhaps that is because I always strive to “get real” any marriage or dating situation. It is about getting you moving forward to a positive outcome. I am very protective of my clients and I do my best to be there for them whenever they may need me, and I only consider myself a success when those I speak to achieve true happiness in their lives.

The most profound changes can occur in our lives, in our marriage and love relationships, when we look deep within ourselves and discover our true feelings hiding underneath outward appearances. Through my compassionate and encouraging insight I can help you get past all the clutter so that only the truth remains. Sometimes what we find may not be the answer you “want”, but it will always be the answer you “need”. I will never lie to you or withhold any information I think may be important in regards to your situation no matter how difficult it may first appear.

Need answers? Let's get together and figure out how you can have more romance and satisfaction in your marriage or dating situation. Let's be confident you can take control of both life and love. From there you can achieve the goals you have set for yourself. Call me today!


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"Nova is ready to answer all your marriage and dating questions. All you need to do is call. Our support staff is ready to assist you 24/7. Just call, toll free. If Nova is unavailable, our love support staff will help you, free, connect with a perfect advisor for your needs. You are always welcome to make an appointment with Nova, free."

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