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As a professional counselor and life coach, I have a great deal of experience in helping people, single married or dating, to improve all aspects of their lives. I am especially adept at untangling the complicated web of relationships and romance. I have traveled all over the world to share my talents, and as a result, have a great deal of cross cultural experience. Are you trying to re-kindle an old flame? Looking to bring more romance into your marriage? Perhaps you want to create a spark with somebody new? I am the person you want to talk to. I can even help with the unfortunate occurrences such as divorce or infidelity. With over 20 years experience helping people find their way in life and love, I do believe I can help you.

My primary goal during every love, relationship or marriage counseling session is to build your self-confidence alongside helping you find out the truth of your situation. With the proper information at hand and a focused mind there is no limit to what you can accomplish in life and love. I believe in a systematic approach to coaching and within no time we will have set goals for you that once accomplished will have you where you need to be.

Most importantly, I am completely fair and honest when speaking to a client. Telling someone what they “want to hear” does not help anyone. It merely creates more problems, later. But, at the same time I know how delicate feelings can be in these instances so I will always be considerate of your situation and will never judge or criticize what you are going through. Please call me today so that together we can get you on the path to true happiness!


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"Kay is excited to answer all your life and love questions. All you need to do is call. Our support staff is ready to assist you 24/7. Just call, toll free. If Kay is unavailable, our love support staff will help you, free, connect with a perfect advisor for your needs. You are always welcome to make an appointment with Kay, free."
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