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Love And Relationship Guidance And Advice With Love Coach Alida

Hi there! My name is Alida and I am a professional counselor and international wisdom consultant with many years of experience in helping people work through problems in their day-to-day life. I am especially talented at helping people with issues concerning love or romance, providing love guidance and romantic advice. I have written books, hosted radio programs, and have done many in-person workshops. Past clients include business executives and celebrities and I am considered one of the world leaders in understanding human behavior and personal development. I have also trained under the renowned Dr. John Demartini from “The Secret”, and I have attained the title of Demartini Method Certified Facilitator.

I am an expert at figuring out the feelings and motivations of other people. Together we can determine exactly what is going on in your relationship as well as providing the necessary information to inspire you to making the best decisions possible for happiness in the future. I have devoted so much of myself to empowering people (women especially) to live their lives free of stress and heartache, as well as encouraging them to seek peaceful resolutions with people in any and all interactions.

My strong intuition has never let me down, and it only takes a small amount of time before I can focus on the heart of the matter and discover the truth that is otherwise hidden in darkness. If you desire relationship or love guidance; the wisdom of an authentic, honest counselor; then you need to pick up the phone and call me today! There is so much excitement out there waiting for you!



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