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Do you have a difficult relationship issue? Family difficulties that just seem unsolveable? Need insights into a dating partner you really like, but something about this person is a bit disturbing? Then, please call me. Answering questions and providing relationship advice (family relationships and romantic relationships) involving most difficult relationship issues is what I do. Many love coaches and relationship advisors shy away from truly difficult relationship problems. Sometimes, strange as it may seem, professional love and relationship advisors become uncomfortable talking about the very topics that a client may need to discuss. Not me. When you want a straight forward, honest relationship discussion, then I am ready.

With a background in psychology and over a decade of experience in law enforcement, there is little I have not seen and few relationship issues I have not dealt with. I have also counseled woman (and men) who have been the subject of both physical abuse as well as drug/alcohol abuse. This has only deepened my sense of compassion for people who find themselves in a difficult love relationship or family situation.

There is absolutely no risk of judgment when speaking to me, and I am happy to help with any concern no matter how "different" or "scary" it might seem to you. My goal as a relationship advisor is to help you turn negatives into positives, no matter how large or small those negatives seem to be. If you are dating or thinking of re-entering the dating world, I can offer great advice on how to do so safely and even offer important questions to ask someone new so you can gain a quicker insight into who they REALLY are.

I look forward to talking with you. Please call me if you need to ease the burden on your soul or if you would like some relationship advice on how to build and maintain a healthy, happy life. I am the relationship advisor who will always be on your side.


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