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Helping clients with difficult relationship questions and issues is what I do. It is what I love to do. Regardless of your situation, I am confidence I can help. I hold a MA in Psychology; have counseled in the mental health field for over a decade; and am certified in Grief Counseling and Thanatology. I am also well versed in alternative approaches to relationships and living.

Being a relationship consultant involves far more than most realize. All of life is relationships. For the vast majority of us, our relationships are the most valuable aspect of our lives, particularly our relationships with loved ones. So when our most important relationships are not working, or we lose someone close to us, we often feel our life has lost value. But you know what? We are always free to improve our relationships. We are free to change our relationships. We are free to find new relationships.

Whether you need help with questions about marriage, want some objective advice on dating, or you have experienced a divorce (or lost someone very close to you), I am here for you. Let us examine your feelings, explore what you want and figure out where you should go from here. I am ready to put all my years as a relationship consultant at your disposal. Let's get your new relationships started off right or make old relationship feel new again.

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