Beach Weddding Ideas

Themes are very big with wedding ceremonies now and whether you are at an actual beach or in a church, tropical decor is something easy to incorporate and personalize. With this theme you have the romance and the simplicity of nature to use as you decorate and create the perfect setting for your beach theme wedding. It is easy to integrate the beach theme in every step of the ceremony right into the reception.

Where the vows take place is an important part of the ceremony. Some couples choose to stand under an arch, others in front of an altar, and for a tropical wedding, a canopy is the right touch. A simple canopy created from four bamboo sticks and a gauzy material like tulle is simplistic but romantic. The tulle could be any color to match the wedding party or white to match the brides dress.

Making an aisle on a beach is simply done by lining the stretch of sand with sea shells and large rocks. But if you can’t be on the beach, you can bring the beach to you. All you need is a strip of tarp on the aisle and then cover it with sand. To complete the look, line the homemade sand aisle with large starfish and some conch shells.

To decorate the seating, you want to keep it simple yet elegant. There is no need for bouquets of flowers to do that, instead decorate the end of pews with trendy tassels. Use large lush tassels with a large starfish or shell attached to it. The tassels can be in neutral colors or ones to match the wedding.

For the reception and after-wedding party you’ll have plenty of chances to include some decorative beach items. For the tables you can place some beautiful shells and adorn them with strings of pearls for a very chic look. You could alternate table decor by including some tables with crystal bowls of sand. The sand can either be natural or colored to match the wedding them. There could be some small shells and pearls or candles in the sand to give it an elegant look.

Adding some little touches here and there will make a big difference. Clam shells instead of a ring pillow are a unique way to carry the rings for that day. Use a turquoise tulle material to drape and swag on the head table to add a colorful yet chic touch. The walls may be decorated with nets that have shells, starfish, rocks or whatever beach items you want attached.

Using tropical decor in your theme is something that can easily be done and the simplicity of nature will make it even more romantic. The best part is that you don’t need a real beach for the setting,you can create your own easily and just how you want it. Search online at sites like to find great deals.

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