Gender Differences in a Partnership

Are there gender differences in the ability to love? Social psychological data suggest that men and women are more similar than the stereotypes say they are. Yet, there are some differences in men’s and women’s capacity and motivation to love. Both seem equally susceptible to falling passionately in love. However, traditional women seem to be slightly more comfortable in intimate encounters than are men. Traditional men are slightly more comfortable taking independent action. A new androgynous breed of men and women may be appearing, which is comfortable with both. Here are the conclusion of the study conducted regarding gender difference about love:

Torn Between Two Lovers

There will come a point in your life when you will have two lovers. Some may not be able to experience something like this but most women will do. When this happens, it is the women who always get lost in the experience They do not know how to deal with the complications that follows along having two lovers at the site. They cannot answer the reason why they fell in love with two men. They cannot answer the the reason they decided to break the perfect relationship they had with a current boyfriend just so they can have a concurrent relationship with a man they barely know but is concretely attracted to them.

A Treacherous Line: Emotional Infidelity

You had issues with your spouse. Your bestfriend is still single and probably can’t relate to what you are going through. Here comes an officemate who is available to listen. You unload. The officemate listened. You feel much better. The next day, you seek your officemate to say thanks for helping you out find a good perspective.

Just Let Some Things Pass And Stop Nagging

There are urges to always comment on things that do not meet your standard ways of doing. Examples of this is when you feel your wit’s end when you see your spouse leaving the bathroom in chaos, when he never cleans the pantry after eating and when he leave the clothes on the floor after he takes a bath. You translate your annoyance with the way your partner does things with nagging words. While it may seem as a release for you, it could do more harm than develop your marriage into something blissful. So step back and assess if there is a need to put aside that badgering attitude.

The Lasting Love Is What Should Impress Us

We gasped at Shakespeare’s tragedy of Romeo and Juliet. We moaned with Athena. We cried with Helen of Troy. We were envious of living in youth; of love blossomed between twenty-something characters.

The Advantages Gained From A Broken Heart

You have been dumped! You are hurt! It can be very painful thing. You don’t want to eat, to drink – life has no flavor. You might even feel so angry that you want to do something stupid. You don’t care about yourself. And the worst thing is it wont go away that easily.

Identifying Relationship Limits

In any relationship, the most important thing you can do is be honest and gain the trust of your mate. If the relationship is toxic, you might want to find the best solution that works for the both of you, but be honest while doing so. You first need to decide if the toxic relationship is suffering because of your own issues, including behaviors. As you have your relationship with your partner, always remember that everything changes. Don’t be naive with this idea.