Emotional people would cry at the drop of a hat. Sobbing or wailing and the shedding of tears are explained by experts as the response to an emotional condition. This emotional outburst that is characterized by excessive tear flow actually relieves stress so that after a good cry, the stressed person is calmed. Aside from blotchy face and runny nose, crying does humans no harm.

Dogs are considered as pseudo humans. Fido and company are considered to have high levels of intelligence. Aside from being intelligent, dogs are also noted to have human-like emotions. With this premise, is it possible for dogs to shed tears at the demise of the owner? Dogs often get into tight spots because of their inquisitive and energetic nature. Would an injured dog cry because of the pain.

Dogs can produce tears because like humans, these animals also have tear glands. Tears have the important function of lubricating the eyeballs. Tears also have the important function of flushing foreign object that managed to enter the eyes. Definitely, dogs do produce tears. Severe pain can cause the dog to have teary eyes. Dogs can cry and produce tears as shown by the tear stains that are most noticeable in dogs breeds with light colored coats.

There are some dog owners that take so much pleasure in observing the antics of the dog. Watching the dog cry with the tears flowing on the face would still be difficult even if the pet parents observe the dog all the time. Tears shed by the dog will be absorbed by the fur on the face. Tears flowing down the dog’s face cannot be seen not only because the tears will be absorbed by the fur but also because it is quite impossible for these animals to produce emotional tears.

Dogs form a strong attachment with their masters thus they are greatly affected if parted from their favorite person. A dog that has bonded closely with its master will be emotionally affected if the master dies. There are also reported cases of dogs that have continuously grieved after the death of the master. The dog’s grief contradicts the idea that dogs are incapable of showing emotions. There are reasons why dogs are called man’s best friends. Dogs that are parted from the family would howl. However, we dog lovers have yet to see tears running down the dog’s face.

Now that you know if dogs can cry – Maybe it is time to find out why dogs cry in their cage and why dogs cry at night?