Cheating: Do You Move On or Stay

Getting over relationship cheating, while not impossible, will be extremely hard. The first thing you should do is find out why the infidelity happened to begin with. It is important to discover whether or not it’s likely to only be a one time thing, how much you contributed to the situation or if your partner was just too untrustworthy. You need these answers in order to decide if it is time to end the relationship. It’s important for you to realize though, that even if you are both completely committed to making the relationship work, it will still be an uphill climb.

It isn’t that easy to learn to trust someone after they’ve betrayed you, whether or not you really want to. It is important to consider the level of commitment that was involved in the relationship. Dating is one thing, cheating in a marriage is something else. If you’re involved with someone that is a ‘serial’ cheater, they won’t change. It’s best to make a break now before you get even more hurt. If, on the other hand, your partner has always been committed and faithful, and only wandered due to some extenuating circumstances, you might have a chance of making your relationship work, if they want to work on it too. Dealing with a cheating girlfriend/boyfriend is never easy.

Most couples will need to rely on an objective third party for assistance, such as a counselor or clergy. There are lots of intense emotions to sort through and having an objective bystander who can ‘referee’ and keep each party on track and not let it dissolve into a shouting match, can go a long way to finding a resolution and possibly even salvaging the relationship. Contrary if the person that cheated isn’t 100% committed to addressing the problems that led on to the cheating and willing to work on fixing them, the relationship is dead.

Occasionally the relationship simply cannot be, or shouldn’t be saved. Many times folks get together for the wrong reasons such as loneliness or the need to feel secure. When that’s the root of a relationship rather than love, friendship, and respect, it’s going to be virtually impossible to save it after cheating. If this is the situation, a counselor can also be of assistance in helping both parties find closure, heal and move on.

If you notice that you tend to get into lots of relationships with the wrong kind of folks, a counselor can also help you figure out why you tend to be self destructive. Whether or not folks wish to admit it, any time they find themselves involved with the wrong person, it’s almost always clear very early in the relationship the two of them simply are not that compatible.

Most people will ignore these warning signals and then act surprised later when things fall apart. If you can avoid these sorts of relationships in the first place, you’ll save yourself a lot of heartache in the long run. Overcoming relationship cheating is possible, so long as both parties are truly willing to work on it. Just always remember to be truthful about the overall worth of the relationship and whether or not it really is something that ought to be saved or not.

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