Choosing A Pet Memorial Plaque

Losing an animal member of our family is crushing. Getting past the grief can be difficult. Creating the perfect pet memorial plaque is a good way to immortalize your pet and ensure that his or her memory continues. Pick something that comes with the desired design or make your own personalized version. Both methods work to create a great memory.

There are a number of things to consider when selecting the perfect way to memorialize your pet. One is the type of marker. You can have a flat or raised marker and you can also choose the material that it is set into. Many people opt for a metal plate on a wooden stake or cross, but this can also be set into stone. Other options include engravings on stone or metal stakes.

Wood is the least durable of all the materials, since it will rot away after a time. Even treated wood will not last forever. Metal is definitely the way to go if you want something that will stick around for a while, as is stone. Plastic might last, but it is vulnerable to the elements and so needs to be indoors or out of the sun, at least.

You will find that there are also plenty of colors to pick from. Depending on the material chosen, you will have choices that range from natural to all colors of the rainbow. Pick what would suit your pet best or match the color to the urn or other item that it will be mounted on.

Your pet is a very special part of the family and while it is tough to make these decisions, it is also important. You need a good way to remember your friend. Choosing the best memorial marker possible is part of the grieving process for many.

Adding a name to the marker is an important part of the process. If nothing else, the name will carry on the memory, but you can also add dates or images. Many companies can now etch images onto the metal or stone, so you can replicate a favorite toy or scene. Another option is to add an actual photo since many markers allow this options now. They have slots to put the photo into and can be sealed so that it will last and be safe from the elements.

Poetry is a beautiful way to remember a special companion and whether you write it yourself or find something special online, you will find that this adds a finishing touch to the memorial. Some markers even come with poems pre-written. You may also want to write up a short description of your deceased companion to add as a customization and to really personalize the plaque.

A pet memorial plaque is a good way to make something special for your furry friend and to help you leave a lasting memory. Whether you are using it as a grave marker or putting it on an urn, these memorials can be a truly lovely way to remember. Either way, you will have something special in the end.

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