Common Spay And Neuter Misconceptions

Millions of dogs and cats die every year in shelters and out on the street. There just are not enough homes for all of the animals that are born each year. Many of these deaths could have been prevented if the owners had had their animals fixed, and spay neuter Ossining, NY can help get this done. Some people, unfortunately, believe that fixing an animal is harmful in one way or another.

A lot of pet owners think that having their dogs or cats fixed costs too much money. These procedures can be pricey, but there are many shelters and organizations that will fix dogs and cats for less. All owners need to do is call around and they will be able to find a reasonable price. Having a spay or neuter performed can save owners a lot of money in the long run, too. There will be no litters, so no money related to vet visits, food, and other expenses associated with raising puppies or kittens. Additionally, without the reproductive organs the risks of certain diseases or cancers are reduced or eliminated entirely.

Fear of hurting a beloved dog or cat can stand in the way of an owner having the surgery performed. Spaying and neutering reduces or eliminates the chance of an animal developing certain diseases and cancers, so a surgery now could save the animal a lot of pain in the future. Licensed veterinarians also work diligently to make sure the entire process, from before surgery through recovery, is as painless and safe as possible.

It is not true that male animals do not need to be fixed. After all, both sexes are needed for reproduction. Just because a male is kept tied up or in a fenced yard does not mean that he cannot get away. Ropes can break and fences can be scaled. Males have been known to travel long distances to reach a female in heat.

It is a popular myth that a female should be allowed to have one litter before being fixed, but medical studies show that there is no physical need for this. In fact, fixing a female before her first heat dramatically reduces many health risks. Younger animals tend to recover faster, too.

There is a belief that having an animal fixed dramatically changes the way it behaves. While altering an animal can reduce or put a stop to certain behaviors, like aggressive possessiveness or territorial marking, having animals fixed will not change the kind of pets they are. The behaviors of a dog or cat are greatly impacted by what, and who, is around them. If pets are playful and loyal before being fixed then they will be playful and loyal following the surgery.

A popular myth is that spaying and neutering leads to fat and lazy pets. Actually, feeding a poorly balanced diet and not allowing plenty of exercise is what determines the weight of an animal. As long as a dog or cat is given good food and encouraged to remain active there should not be any problems.

A common misconception is that a dog or cat should be allowed to reproduce simply because it is a purebred. Owners believe that they will be able to place all of the offspring into loving homes. Breeders cannot anticipate the actions of future owners. There is no guarantee that new owners will fixed the animal. There also is no guarantee that new owners will even keep the animal. A lot of the dogs and cats in shelters are purebreds that families cannot, or will not, take care of anymore. Spay neuter Ossining, NY can help keep purebred, and mixed, dogs and cats out of shelters.

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