It doesn’t really matter why your girlfriend broke up with you, the fact is that you’re broken up right now. She could have given you one of the many lame excuses that range from her just not being in love with you anymore or you did something wrong. It really doesn’t matter and it’s not all that important. What is important is that if you are hoping to get back you really can. It’s not that difficult.

Not too many guys really think about this but, are you absolutely sure that you want to get back together with your girlfriend? Are you sure that it’s really love that you’re feeling and it’s not the sense of loss that is causing you to go to any extreme to win her back? Take some time and really think about it and be sure of your intentions before you do a thing to try to get her back.

You might be surprised to find that it’s not really love that you feel. You see, when someone dumps us we are being rejected. What do people normally want to do when they are rejected or denied something? Well, it’s a form of loss and we guys don’t like to lose. We like to win! So, what most guys wind up doing is trying super hard to get their girlfriend back because then they’ll feel like a winner. They feel like they’re proving their ex wrong.

Think about how things were when you were with your girlfriend. Was everything really all that wonderful? Did you ever have a time when you thought that you would rather be alone than deal with her? Maybe you avoided her phone calls or made up lies to hang out with your buddies rather than be with your girlfriend. Sure, right now you’d give anything to have that time back with her but, when you were with her did you always want to be with her?

It might just be that your girlfriend did you a favor by breaking up with you. Your friends might even be telling you this right now. Often our friends will come forward and speak their mind after a breakup. If your friends are telling you that they never really liked your girlfriend and that her breaking up with you was a good thing then maybe you should think twice about trying to get back together with her.

If you do come to the conclusion that you really are in love with your ex-girlfriend and that you can find no peace until you get her back then you should absolutely try to get her back. If she really did love you and you really did love her, then you should do what makes you happy. If she was your best friend and your constant companion then you owe it to yourself to do whatever is necessary to win her back. No matter how horrible things might be right now, there is no breakup that can’t be undone and no relationship that can’t be repaired.

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