Dating is a great way to get to know a new romantic interest (and to keep your current relationship fresh). Going out to dinner, movies or dancing can get expensive and often forces some couples to spend too many nights at home watching TV. Don’t let financial concerns affect your dating life. Here are some great, inexpensive and romantic dating ideas that work.

Check out what’s going on in your area. Check out the local paper to see what free events are coming your way. Then try them out, even if they aren’t usually your speed. This can be a local fair, an art show or free music in the park. Trying something new is a fun way to connect and enjoy each other. It becomes not just a date but an adventure.

Go to free shows or events. Even if art, dance or different genres of music aren’t your thing, branching out and trying something new is a great way to spend time with your date. You two will always remember the strange show you went to, or you may discover something new that you really like. Either way it will be a date to remember.

Pick a weekend to camp in front of the TV (or bedroom) and watch an entire season of your favorite TV show. Trading or borrowing a full season of a TV show will keep this indulgence inexpensive. Snuggle, take breaks for a walk, discuss the show. If you both love the show this can be an unusal but effective bonding experience.

Try out a different part of town. Don’t stay in your bubble. Branch out. If there are some really cool shops you can tour, go window shopping and look at strange toys, vintage clothes or window decorations. Just walking and talking will make for a great date.

Tour local breweries or wineries. These are beautiful and a fun place to spend some time. Learn about different kinds of beer or wine. Get a tour of the place to see how your favorite alcohol is made. Then relax with your drinks and take some time to talk.

Free trivia nights. Check out which bars or restaurants have free trivia nights or karaoke in your area for a little competitive fun. You’ll be able to show off your stuff and create a bit of excitment. Free trivia nights are a great way to laugh and have fun.

Make a fire (in the fireplace or another safe location). Then snuggle by the fire and tell stories and make S’mores. Sitting by the fire rather than the TV will encourage you to talk rather than watch. Fires are also a snugly location. Sitting by the flames is romantic and makes you want to cuddle with your date.

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