Getting Him Back After A Break Up

Do you wonder if you can get him back after a break up? Have you been told that it’s nearly impossible to get a guy back after a breaking up? And, that you should just move on and find someone else? The problem with this piece of advice is that you are still in love with your boyfriend. Nobody’s advice takes that into consideration, does it?

If your heart is involved then often there is no “moving on”. Finding someone else just isn’t in the cards for you. You have no interest or desire in anyone else other than your ex. You want him back. You dream about getting back together with him and that is the only thing that is going to heal your heart.

I understand your point of view all too well. When your heart and your logical mind are at odds, your heart is going to win out every time, isn’t it? But how do you get him back after a break up? You’ve probably tried all of the popular advice out there that includes talking to him, appealing to his heart, being nice to him, making changes in yourself that may have led to the downfall of your relationship. But none of that works. Still, couples wind up getting back together all the time. What can this tell you that you might be able to use to get him back after a break up? The key is to get your life back to normal.

While you might be confused or frustrated with this advice, I want you to think about it for a minute. When you and your boyfriend first got together, you probably didn’t have to do a thing to attract his attention. You didn’t have to stand on your head and convince him that you were wonderful and a worthy person for him. You didn’t have to change a thing to make him fall in love with you. He did it all on his own. You didn’t play a whole lot of games other than just being your wonderful self and wait for him to make the next move.

Realizing what you’re doing and how you look from his point of view can be a good exercise to help you understand where he’s coming from. Would you be attracted to yourself if you were in your ex’s position right now? You might think that he should be flattered that you care about and love him so much but, just like the sun, too much of a good thing can be bad. Too much sun can burn you and too much attention and affection when it’s not necessarily wanted at the moment can kills the feelings of attraction even if they started to come back right after your break up.

If you are serious about getting him back then you need to understand how guys think. You need to understand how a man makes decisions in a relationship and how his heart works. While most men are not in tune with their emotions, feelings do play a big part in their decisions when it comes to relationships. They might not know it because a man’s emotions are buried and they reaction more instinctually than women do when it comes to matters of the heart. He probably doesn’t even know why he makes the decisions that he does and they react when it comes to fall in love rather than think about a relationship.

You need to work on appealing to his emotional core and the emotions that he has no control over if you want to get him back. Using male psychology against him means pushing those male emotional hot buttons that only guys have that will make him start to feel attraction, desire and the need to pursue you and want to be with you again. None of this has anything to do with being nice to him or trying to make him see how much you love him. He has to feel something first before he will accept your love as being something that he want. I know it might sound crazy because men are simply wired differently than women and understanding what is going to push him over the edge and make him reverse his decision is different for guys. Get back to being yourself and learn what it is that causes guys to fall in love and you will see changes in him that you only dream about right now. Push him emotionally and you can and will get him back.

Believe in yourself and you will get him back forever. Read more helpful advice on how to get him back after a break up when you visit my website.

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