Quite often, break-ups also result in feelings of guilt among former partners. It is wise to deal with the guilt issue prior to your break-up. Guilt can be an extremely damaging feeling and may well make anyone’s life pretty miserable. Those who are feeling guiltly undergo often begin asking for forgiveness about other events in life trying to feel a bit better about themselves. Sometimes though, the only answer is to eventually forgive one’s self.

Why guilt? Guilt is an end product if you have carried out any mistake or blunder towards your ex that has not been corrected. For those who have wronged their companions and refused to acknowledge them just prior to the break-up, they can be quite painful afterwards when guilt comes.

Here is the reason. Most of us would not think or admitted that we’ve done any wrong. As time goes on, we fully grasp our wrongs and by that time all is lost. The feelings of guilt, then, often take over one’s thoughts.

So, what can you do about excessive feelings of guilt? When you have decided to break up do it up front and honest if at all possible. Having said that, for your own sake, please do what I recommend, ahead of you break up. Please ask your partner about all she or he feels what you might have done wrong. Ask them to let you know about comprehensive stories with no holding back, not missing even the smallest detail. Then, withholding any arguments, say that you are sorry for all of those transgressions. Just keep in mind that it is very important not to get yourself into any argument.

I know that chances are, you would not agree with most of the accusations and get angry and protest furiously. But refrain from undertaking that. Say sorry, and apologize profusely and right after that attempt to forget anything. Forgive yourself and move on with your life. This way you will be saving yourself from tremendous level of guilt that may well come afterwards. Act in time before the break up.

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