Have you found most of the advice that you’ve received lately concerning your relationship just a waste of time? Are you even more disturbed about your chances of getting your ex back and you wish that you knew what to do? Friends and family are useless and you feel like you haven’t one person that you can speak to about what’s going on inside your head? You have no direction and no clue as to what you should do to get your ex back.

I know exactly where you’re coming from and I feel your pain. You just want some good, simple advice that will turn things around for you. You want someone to talk to you straight about your chances of getting your ex back and you want to feel like you’re doing something to move in the right direction. You need a friend now that’s not going to sugar coat this stuff and who will actually try to help you and I hope to be that friend.

Right now though the one thought that I want you to hold in your head is that you can get your ex back if that is the desire of your heart. If you truly love your ex and things were cool between the two of you at one point then there is no reason why you can’t get back together. It happens all the time and there is no reason why, if you play your cards right, you can and will get back together with your ex. Your ex might be upset now or there might be conflict between the two of you but that love is just beneath the surface just waiting to be uncovered. Moving on and denying the love that is there could prove to be a terrible mistake for you right now and in the near future.

Yes, while many people recommend that you just move on with your life and forget about trying to get you ex back, this can make life even more complicated and painful than it is right now if you aren’t careful. Sure, having someone pay attention to you can boost your ego and that’s fine but actually trying to get into a relationship at his juncture is a recipe for disaster. If you were to find someone nice then how would you feel when those feelings of love do surface for your ex? How would you feel breaking the heart of an innocent bystander and doing to someone else what has basically been done to you?

Try to be patient. I know that it’s difficult and that you want to get your ex back as soon as possible but you do need to be patient with yourself and your ex. While getting back together with the one you love isn’t really all that complicated, it can be difficult for some people. Loneliness and depression kick in and all you want is to get your ex back by hook or by crook. But allowing a short period of time to pass so you can have a clear mind and not make any more mistakes when it comes to getting your ex back is just a smart move and it’s good for you. Learn some about what works and what doesn’t in situations like yours and prepare yourself before going off and doing something rash to try to get your ex back.

While a relationship is very important, looking after yourself is crucial to your success in getting your ex back. Forget about what others think about your decision and, as a matter of fact, keep your decision to yourself. You will probably come up against some stiff competition if you start telling people that you want to get back together with your ex. Live your dream and spend some time each day living out that dream in your mind. Ignore all doubts and let your heart lead you in the direction that you want to go. Your heart will tell you the truth when it come so matters of the heart.

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