You Cannot Keep Love In A Box

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In the beginning of a romantic relationship we can get so caught up in the togetherness that we fail to see that our new love interest has a life. If we have been really struck by Cupid’s arrow, we may feel that our life never really started until we meet this new lover. It is, of course, normal for you to spend what I call couple time or quality time together. When you first fall in love, you want to spend every waking moment with the person who has your heart. However, you must be careful you do not start trying to put love in a box.

A powerful romantic phase may continue for weeks and months. You may start to distance yourself from your friends in order to spend time with Mr. or Ms. Wonderful. After all, this person is your universe, your better half. It may seem like every hour you think of them and when you do, you get this strange blissful feeling. He or she calls you all day every day. A call in the morning before you go to work. Another call mid day to see how your day is going. Another call before you leave work for the day to arrange another dinner. You know his or her schedule and patterns. You want this romantic whirlwind to go on forever, just as it is. Ah, oh! There you are doing it. Trying to put love in a box. And, that will never work.

Love and relationships need to grow, mature. Love relationships are dynamic. Relationship cannot be put into a formula, or held back, or … well, put in a box. One day he or she does not call. When they finally call they may tell you that they only have a few minutes. Hmmmmmmm, you think, this is not like them.

When a romance begins to cool it is natural to wonder: Why didn’t they call me today? Did I do something wrong? I thought I trusted him/her, but now? I thought we were very happy together? I thought we were falling in love, but maybe they were not? Is this some sort of a test or a game? Should I accept being brushed off? Is this her/his real behavior? Those worries and thoughts are normal. You see, you cannot keep love in a box. Often, a relationship needs to cool before it can become hot again. The first thing you need to do is take a deep breath. Then, exhale. What is really important now is to understand yourself and this new love relationship. We all want love. Love is what helps us to exist. However we must learn to understand that love cannot be contained in a box. It is time to open the box and pay attention to where love is going. Maybe it is time to think about where you want this relationship to go.

Take time to reconnect with friends and family. If your love interest calls express the desire to get together, tell them you miss them, but don’t push. If the relationship has deep, meaningful roots it will begin to grow again. If not, then you examine what you want for your life, what is best for you.

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