Getting older gives people a new perspective about things especially with relationships in your twilight years. There is no official date when the twilight period starts for anybody, but whether it is as young as 50 to as old as 70, one will be able to tell on their own once it has descended upon them.

It is at this time of life that you will discover that the relations you have will seem more important to you than ever. This describes many of the relationships you have. Whether it is with lovers, a spouse, old coworkers, friends, or family, these will have more relevance than ever before. By this time you might already be retired, and you will find that you have more time to spare to do other things than just work.

If you are retired, then it may have its pros and its cons. The up side of it is that you will have more free periods when you can do activities that you enjoy whether it is cross-stitching or playing golf. Every day will be filled with a new activity that you can try out, or new people to meet. It is these things that will bring the most satisfaction to you.

The down side, however, will be that you will have so much free time to spare, that you might actually start to miss work. The worst part is that you may even start to feel unproductive and bored. This is why cultivating your relationships is what should keep you busy so that you feel more satisfied as a human being.

Outside of the hobbies you do, you may decide to volunteer at an orphanage or a local public garden. By putting yourself to good use in helping others, you will start to feel better about filling that gap in life. When you work with others who share the same values and hearts, you start to feel more fulfilled and happy.

You may want to join an organization with other people who share the same interests and skills. A woman might join a gardening society or a cooking club to share her skills and talents with others. Older men may join an after school club teaching younger boys how to play golf or even fix cars. By joining groups to help others learn new skills, you can feel far more productive than ever before.

Building these relationships in your twilight years can definitely help in keeping you feel active and relevant at this part of life. The last thing you want is to feel like you have no more purpose to others, and this is something you can turn around on your own by being able to identify what other activities interest you and how you can use personal skills to help others.

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