We can sabotage our own success by feeling insecure about our roles in society and at the work place when we let others dictate who we are. Stephen Hunter, a therapist in Colorado, tells us that When you do not trust yourself you make someone or something outside of you more important than what is inside of you, which can often lead to a compromise of one’s self and values.

Take, for instance, a co-worker who constantly undermines your work yet you continue to let him because a confrontation could lead to more trouble. This only shows that you don’t have the conviction that he may really be wrong. You should not doubt your abilities. However, when the next promotion comes and you are left behind, who is to blame?

A recent study done by the team headed by Dr. Robert Rose of the University of Texas looked at how heavy workloads affected the blood pressure heart rates and behavior of air traffic controllers. The study was done over 20 years and now those same air traffic controllers who were prone to heavy workloads have shown significantly higher swings in their systolic blood pressure than their co-workers. While 20 years ago there were only mild to no signs of high blood pressure.

Thinking negative brings on the blaming game. Blaming others can be a result of learning it from your parents, some people avoid responsibility by blaming others as soon as anything bad happens because they cannot admit their own failures or mistakes.

If you are not happy with your work environment, be proactive. Begin working towards a better job. If you like the company you work for but are unhappy with your specific job, figure out how to change your career path. You are not dependant on someone else to move you up the career ladder, only you have the power to move, only you know your full potential.

Take the first step in enjoying this life by putting the negative thoughts and emotions aside. Forget the blame game and plug into life. Be part of positive movement where truth is a worthwhile goal. You will not only feel better but controlling your fate will become easier, you will reduce anxiety, have more energy and even sleep better at night, because you have freed your mind from negativity your reflective period at the end of the day can be filled with peace of mind.

The world is in constant motion, so put fear aside, embrace change, focus on you and where you want to be. Many people will have opinions about your choices of how or what you should do but those opinions are just that opinions, stop the quest for approval and seek only the approval of yourself, when you have a vision of your own life you will begin to create a masterpiece of your hearts desire.

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