No one wants to think about the end of a marriage, especially if the fire is still burning for one or both partners. When trouble starts, you begin wishing for the days when you were happiest in your marriage. When change comes, you feel helpless. This is especially true when your husband or wife refuses to discuss the problem.

In the beginning, you may not have thought of what a long-term relationship means to you. You might have planned to live in a fairytale kind of love that may last forever. But there are always bumps along the way. There may be things that you’ve done that were not well-received. Boredom could have incited an affair. You just need to renew your faith and love for your partner.

People in relationships always want to know how to make love and harmony last. Routines are enemies of romance, or so they seem to be. But realities of a fully committed relationship include living with all the mundane things that happen. Sooner or later, principles and realistic decisions cause clashes. When things like these come to pass, romance may fade.

Think about what could be causing the burn out. Maybe you’ve told a white lie in the past that led to more grave repercussions. Maybe trust never existed in your relationship. Your love might have suffered under all the possessiveness or clingy attitude. This is the most useful time to do something about your mistakes.

Show your spouse that you are still fully committed to making this work. Your spouse may be feeling pessimistic. You should let your partner know that you still want to work with him to keep the marriage going. Showing your belief could make him more honest.

This is the time to point out your true temperament to your spouse. It takes an open minded person to strike a balance between being civil and being candid about his or her feelings. This is a good chance to show that you, too, can learn how to forgive. Always bear in mind that if you are honest about your emotions, your partner may feel inclined to be honest as well.

You must also express your desire to know%Link1%. You both can move on if you really need to. As you go about your daily routine again, show your spouse that your marriage is important to you.

Finally, give each other space. You both want the breathing space. But always plan to spending quality time. As long as it is obvious to both of you that you really want to make the marriage work, you can do this.

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