What is Speed Dating?

In a popular broadway musical, Yenta was a matchmaker. She matched up women and men in Russia who would eventually marry. But life is not so simple today. People are no longer looking for mates. They are looking for dreams, and dreams can prove impossible to find.

While the town matchmaker doesn’t exist, a new mating game has risen to the surface. One girl meeting one boy at a time is too slow for our lightening fast worlds of texting, tweeting, and virtual everything. Love letters have been taken over by email. Breakups are announced on blogs before the ex even knows she is single again. The old matchmaker has been replaced by a new thing called speed dating. Meeting people has turned into a hurdle over the twenty first century. It is a parlor game, not an intimate conversation. To introverts who prefer to gather with a small assortment of friends over nice meal, this can be as inviting as a barking dog about to attack, but singles are flocking to speed dating events in cities and towns throughout the world. Speed Dating History

The term “SpeedDating” was used from a Jewish organization. They are given credit for beginning this. It began as a way for single Jews to meet people of their faith.

This became a popular secular event in the late 1990s. It was first held at an eatery in Southern California. It spread east very rapidly. People who use this believe it is a fast, easy way to meet singles. For those who lead busy and frenetic lives, the feeling that they can sum a prospective partner up in a matter of minutes, so speed dating fits perfectly into their world.

How Speed Dating Happens

Speed dating events are held at local restaurants, hotels, bars, and club to attract visitors and increase business. You can join without pre-registering if you’d like, but they are usually well planned. Make sure to look over the rules. They should very slightly.

Depending on the event, either the women or the men will be stationed at a seat. The opposite sex is part of the round robin. A timer is set and the hopefuls take a seat. The fun will begin. You will have about 5 minutes to make a short meaningful conversations. The more people there, the less time you will have. Studies show that it only takes one minute to decide if you have met the man or woman who could be your future spouse.

An other new form of speed dating is Webcam Singles where you can meet men and women world wide via your computer’s webcam. webcam chat has really become the rage online, and it is speedy way to find and meet singles for dating. And, of course, there is always the singles phone chat where you can chat with hundreds of possible mates on any given day. It also has the advantage of offering free chatline trial.

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