We all want to be successful at our chosen field. May it be being a professional, an entrepreneur, a housewife or mom, we all want to be the best at what we do. Therefore, we all have to make sure that we are being productive, since, productivity is the ultimate key to success.

All of us are blessed with the ability to do great things but on;y a few can achieve that. Some of us tend to stop ourselves from being productive. So what hinders some of us from being productive?

There are three main questions you need to ask yourself to find out whether you are being productive or not. These question will guide you in figuring out what hinders you from being productive, and hence, from not being successful in your chosen career.

Are you being aggressive rather than assertive?

Being assertive is being decisive about the choices you make, taking full ownership in your every decision. You always take a step forward, making a definite choice, understanding the pros and cons, and taking full accountability of your every action. Being aggressive on the other hand is being a risk-taker, being insistent in pursuing your goals, giving a little thought to the possible outcome of your actions. When you take the plunge, you take a deep dive without giving time for realizations if it’s for the better or for the worst. When you are being aggressive, you are being pushy in achieving your goals. You will do what it takes to pursue them, without giving as much importance to evaluating the situation and analyzing what you should do. Therefore, aggressiveness surely hinders you from being productive.

Are you a pessimist instead of an optimist?

Being optimistic is being positive despite the negativity of the situation. It is seeing the light through the darkness. Being optimistic will surely help you push through your failures and disappointments since you understand the truth that you are human and you are prone to making mistakes. It will give you the strength to keep achieving your goals no matter what obstacle or sacrifice comes your way. Being a pessimistic on the other hand is thinking of the worst in every situation. You are scared of pushing through the odds because you are expecting for the worst to happen before it is even established. You will never have the confidence to keep going and hence, it will hinder you from being productive.

Do you give importance to quantity rather than quality?

When you give importance to quality, you give importance to getting things done the best way you can. You always make sure you give a hundred percent in all that you do. Every goal is given equal importance. You don’t sacrifice the value of one just to prioritize the other. You understand that starting small is important in accomplishing something big. You are never in a rush to get things hastily done, you make sure everything is well-polished and at its best. When you give importance to quantity on the other hand, you are in a haste to get everything done in one blow. You want to achieve all your goals, pursuing them without making sure they are at its best. You do your job, you do it fast, sacrificing the value of a quality work, therefore, it is a hindrance to being productive.

If you answered yes to these three questions, now is a great time to re-assess yourself, modify your game plan and change your course of action.

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