Here are some tips to get your ex back as quickly as possible. Even though you will probably never be able to get your ex back as quickly as you might like, these tips to get your ex back will shorten the amount of time it’s going to take for you to change your ex’s mind and have them at least wanting to be around you again.

It doesn’t matter if you’ve been broken up for some time or if he or she just delivered the bad news, these tips to get your ex back can help you to get back together with your ex. Of course, if you’ve already been trying to get your ex back there is a chance that you may have pushed them away without even meaning to. This is why I’ll include some things that you want to avoid doing in this list of tips to get your ex back.

Try not to worry too much about getting your ex back. Worry leads to fear which can make you put a lot of pressure on yourself. Try not to create scenarios inside your head of what your ex might be doing, who they might be seeing or how your future is going to play out. These thoughts will only make you do desperate things to try to get your ex back.

Don’t try to contact your ex to convince them to come back to you. Any talk about getting back together will only make you appear weak and needy. Your ex is only going to come back to you when they have the desire to be with you. Being needy and begging, pleading, crying or even wanting to talk about the breakup will make you appear weak and needy in your ex’s eyes.

You might also be tempted to try to bribe your ex into coming back to you. Gifts, even ones that you say that you bought before the breakup, will not be accepted in the right light and they will only make you look desperate to your ex. Proclaimations of love and devotion will also backfire on you and even though you might honestly feel these feelings, your ex isn’t feeling them right now. Save the loving words, thoughtful gifts and your devotion for your ex for times after you get them back. After all, you want your ex to feel love and desire and longing for you because they love you and not because they feel sorry for you or because you did so many nice things for them, right?

You are strong and a person that is worthy of love. You deserve some respect and you should never do anything that you might regret or be ashamed of someday. Just think about that. If your ex has told you to leave then simply leave. Leave as quickly as possible without much discussion and with your head held high. If you work with your ex or you have children together you might have to see your ex on a regular basis. Don’t be rude or angry with your ex but also, don’t go overboard to try to chat them up or be overly nice to you. Your ex is going to be defensive and be waiting for you to try to talk them into coming back to you or work on your relationship. Abide by their wishes for the moment and be strong. Your time is coming.

Your ex needs some time alone. They need time to think and understand what life is going to be like without you in it. Sometimes this is all it takes to heal the wounds from whatever led to your breakup. Just like when you’re in the middle of an arguement and you’re afraid that you’re going to say something that you might regret, just walk away. Word spoken in haste and out of desperation will never serve you and you’ll never win an arguement over whether or not your ex should forgive you or take you back. The heart is involved and until you win their heart over and they begin to fall in love with you again, you’re just wasting your breath.

Take some time and focus on yourself. You might not even realize how far you are from being ok right now. Your ego and your very being has taken a tremendous hit. While you might not want to be patient about getting your ex back, you need this time to get your life and your mind back to normal. The sooner you’re back to normal, the sooner you’ll be ready to get your ex back and end your breakup. Right now you’re probably not acting like the person that your ex fell in love with, wouldn’t you admit? This is your time to give your ex some space as well as heal yourself so you can get back to being your old loveable self again.

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