So, you broke up with your boyfriend and now you want to know how to get him back. You feel stupid and you wish that you could take all your words back but now you are in dire need of help in getting him back. Your heart is broken and you fear that he is gone for good. If you just knew what to say and what to do then how to get him back wouldn’t be a problem and you would be happy again.

It really doesn’t matter why you broke up. Maybe things had been tense between the two of you for some time and you said some things that you didn’t mean. Maybe he had been taking you for granted and you had hoped that if you said that you wanted to break up that he would value you again and work harder to treat you right. Either way, he left you and now you’re at a loss for what to do to win him back.

Maybe you’ve taken some of the popular advice. You’ve tried what makes sense or what everyone tells you to do. You tried talking with him and apologizing for what you said. You’ve told him that you made a mistake and that you love him and want him back but he acts like he doesn’t care at all. Every day you wake up to this nightmare and every day you can’t believe that the man that you loved has left you.

The simple truth is that knowing how to get him back is actually pretty simple. Knowing what to do and what to say to reignite that flame of passion in his heart again is often a simple matter of knowing how to manipulate him emotionally. Knowing what works to push a man emotionally and avoiding doing the things that are going to be a turn off for him are essential in your success in actually wining your boyfriend back.

For instance, begging and pleading for him to forgive you might feel like the right thing to do but these tactics will actually make you appear weak and needy to him. Writing him a long letter explaining how sorry you are might seem like a possible way to change his mind. You might think that he will see your sincerety and forgive you for your mistake but, again, these methods are only going to push him further away.

You might also think that doing the opposite is the way to go. You might think that being mean to him or yelling at him or pushing him away is going to help you to reunite with him. Many women have had the same thought as you did and they found that being mean to him is actually the nail in the coffin to their relationship. This only gives your ex a real reason to avoid you and his indignation now will be righteous because you have only confirmed once again that you are broken up.

Knowing what makes your ex tick and using that information to encourage him to come back is the most effective way to get him back. Understanding a little bit about male psychology and knowing how to leverage this information can bring you success more quickly and more easily than you might think. These methods do go against what you think and feel is right. This is because women simply think differently than men and what makes sense to you will not work when you are trying to resurrect a failed relationship with a guy. Get back to being the woman that he fell in love with and remember that guys need something to chase so let him chase you if you want to get him back.

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