You did it. You were wrong. You know that you were wrong and you freely admit it. But no matter how wrong you know you are and how sorry you are about it, your girlfriend still doesn’t want to get back together. Things just blew up and before you knew it you were broken up and now it seems like there’s nothing that you can do to get her back.

Can you really get her back? Can you turn things around and win her over again? You have apologized and you felt it in your heart but this doesn’t seem to be doing the trick. You’ve tried to promise that it will never happen again and that you’ll try harder in the future but you fear that she is quite serious about this matter right now. What should you say or what can you do to win her over and make her see your point of view?

Maybe if you bought her a present that would help. Maybe a peace offering that shows that you do listen to her and know her might show that you really do care about her. Of course, you would tell her that you weren’t trying to bribe her. You could say that it was something that you bought before you broke up and you just wanted to give it to her. Would this work and can a really cool present make a positive impression on your girlfriend?

While this is a very nice gesture and I’m sure you know your girlfriend’s likes and dislikes better than anyone else, right now isn’t the time for gifts. A gift is only going to be seen as an attempt to bribe her and win her favor. You have to remember that your girlfriend isn’t stupid and she knows you pretty well also. She knows that you want to get back together and trying to win her over with gifts or even heartfelt words just isn’t going to get her back right now.

Maybe you’re thinking that just giving her some time will allow things to blow over. Right now things are in a pretty emotional state and maybe if you just let her cool off a bit then things will change. Maybe she’ll start to miss you and she’ll realize that she loves you after all. Then she’ll call you or show up at your place to talk about getting back together.

Even though this is cool to dream about and it would be nice if all it took was to just kick back and wait on her to come to her senses, this probably isn’t going to happen. While you should allow some time to pass before trying to talk to her or connect with her, doing nothing will often get you nothing. Yes, let her emotions return to a more normal level but in the meantime you need to come up with a plan.

One of the most important things you need to realize is that it’s going to be your girlfriend’s emotions that will determine whether or not you get back together. Every decision that she makes is based upon how she feels. Right now you make her feel angry and annoyed so stay away from her. Your goal should be to make her feel butterflies in her stomach again and make her heart beat a little faster the next time she sees you again. Knowing how to play off of her emotions is essential to getting her back and there honestly isn’t another way that a woman falls in love with a man. Does that make sense to you?

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