Child Models Exposed

Supermodel Cindy Crawford put her daughter’s modeling career on hold regardless of her sudden latest success in the fashion industry. So, what made her change her mind? Maybe it was the sexually over-exposing of child models in magazine spreads? Crawford claimed she was concerned about being a crazy, controlling stage mom saying, “She’s too young to pursue a career.” Cindy Crawford’s change of mind is a surprise towards the media after describing ten year old Kaia’s Versace ad campaign to be a “fantastic experience”. Several famous parents have grown to be familiar with over-exposing their child models after what actually transpired to actress Brooke Shields in the 1970’s and 1980’s.

The Secret to Making Family Relationships Strong and Normal

As a counselor for over 15 years, I often hear the expressed hope for a “normal family”. Normal is conforming with a type, standard, or regular pattern. The concept of a conforming teenaged youth may appear an oxymoron yet the requirement for equilibrium and normalcy is not. With such clients, I assess their perception of a “normal family”. Answers change, but I find that strong and productive families share similar dynamics including the enforcement of rules, clear communication, and acceptance of change.

Getting Your Ex Partner Back

We have probably experienced it all – leaving our ex and ended up regretting for having done such a thing. And now here we are, regretting for the things we did and is hopeful to be back in the arms of our ex boyfriend. Does this sound familiar to you? Read along as I share to you the four easy steps in winning an ex boyfriend.

Effective Parenting Skills To Transform Your Child

If you are having difficulty with child rearing, you are not alone since this is something ALL parents have in common, particularly first time parents. So there is no need to worry because you can easily find help. The first thing you need to understand though is that your child’s total transformation will depend not on him or her, but on you. More often than not, a child’s misbehavior is a reaction to how they are treated, not getting enough attention, or not feeling they are appreciated.

A Holistic Strategy To Fighting Stress

Anxiety is the most common form of psychological disorder that is also one of the most difficult to deal with and has the most potential to disrupt your life. With stress entering our lives on a daily basis, through different sources, we allow anxiety to develop within our minds. As different stress-causing elements affect people in different ways, a number of varied forms of cognitive problems begin to take “real estate” in their heads, each with their own unique combination of symptoms.

Wild, Wild, West Weddings

Howdy stranger! Welcome to the wild, Wild West. Don’t forget to visit the saloon and have a glass of sarsaparilla while you enjoy the girls dancing to the piano music. Just keep your hand adjacent to your six-shooter. You never know when you might need it. Okay, so the Wild West isn’t as wild as it used to be and Texas is now in the soul of the country, not the west, but nevertheless, it left behind for us a legacy of cowboys, small towns, wagons, saloons, can can girls, as well as a set of values where hard work, bravery and sacrifice are what splits a man from a child. It’s not wonder that so many movies, TV shows, books and video games are fixed in the Western era.

The Value Of Communication In Resolving Marriage Problems

Are you having a complicated time with your married life? Do you think that love in your partnership is fading? Do you have an emotion that you and your partner are gradually moving away from each additional? If you answered yes to these questions, then you definitely must attend to marital online counseling.

The Purpose Of an Existence Is Accomplishment

For any individual, there is no better goal than being perfect.In fact, most established personality development professionals believe that trying to be perfect is the purpose of living.The main reason for this is that looking for perfection is akin to seeking happiness.

To Find That Certain Someone Try A Dating Coach

If you want to meet that special someone but are unsure of how to do that, a dating coach can show you how to do it safely so that you can locate that special person. When it comes to picking the best partner for you, your coach will point you in the right direction and you will be overjoyed with your success. You really need to be careful these days if you plan on revisiting the dating scene; it can be dangerous, so caution is needed even if you feel that you met the perfect guy in the store or some other scenario.