Pheromones And Attraction

The game of a attraction includes three steps. To begin with there is the mental attraction. Next you have to be visually attract them, and lastly you have to physically attract them – this is where pheromones may help.

A pheromone is really a chemical that’s secreted from all individuals that prompts silent communication from both sexes. We emit a natural scent that helps us to deliver messages to others, such as the opposite sex. All of this happens subconsciously.

It’s well known how important smell is in attracting a man or woman. Irresistible smelling body facial scrubs, bubble bath, and aftershave have always been the focal points of marketing when it comes to women being attracted to men, as it is often a reality that individuals face on a daily basis.

A man’s scent laced with pheromones can stop a woman in their tracks, grab her attention, and turn her on all within a couple of seconds. It has always been true and always will likely be true.

Once human pheromones really became a popular subject for research, scientists discovered a way to extract pheromones and freeze them. When thawed out, they found that these pheromones can be applied topically around the lip and were reacted to just as strongly as if they were via another physical human being.

The interesting thing is the fact that human pheromones are not always obvious by smell, even though we smell them.

With this knowledge it did not take long for people to figure out how to add them to many different sprays such as colognes or perfumes in order to help people attract the opposite sex. Since they can be odorless or very subtle they don’t affect the actually smell of the fragrance, they just become a part of it!

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